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Unlock Unlimited at home.

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    • Frequently asked questions

      Everything you need to know so you can buy our plans with confidence.

      1. What is the new du Home packages?
        du Home is our new flexible best value home plan offering ultra-high internet speeds, premium TV content and free national calls to UAE landlines.
      2. I'm with another service provider, how can I switch to du?
        Simply choose one of our flexible du Home plans and we'll manage everything else, including moving your services over from your current provider.
      3. Can I keep my current service with another service provider and also order a service from du?
        Yes, you can, but do note that you’ll get bills from both your current provider and us.
      4. What is the no contract option?
        No contract option offers you to opt in to the du Home plans on a monthly basis without the need to commitment for 24months.
      5. What is the difference between the 24 months contract and no contract option?
        With 24 months contract, you enjoy a lower monthly subscription fee whereas the no contract option lets you enjoy greater flexibility.
      6. What are the cancellation charges for no contract option?
        The foreclosure will be applicable as follows:
        • All the freedom plans come with a 1-month contract.
        • Customers who cancel their contract anytime will have to pay 1 month MRC in full if cancel within the bill cycle.
      7. What will be my monthly charges after the commitment period?
        Once your commitment period ends, you will be automatically moved to our monthly du home plan with monthly charges increase of AED 20. For example, if you’re subscribed to our du Home Starter Plan for AED 389/month during the commitment period, you will be automatically moved to du Home Starter monthly plan with monthly charges of AED 409/month after the commitment period.
      8. How can I renew my contract and continue to enjoy same monthly charges after the commitment period ends?
        If you’d like to continue to enjoy the same monthly charges after the commitment period, you’ll need to renew your contract. For example, if you’re subscribed to our du Home Starter Plan for AED 389/month, you’ll need to renew this contract before the end of the commitment period so that you continue to enjoy paying only AED 389/month.
      1. What are the charges I will see on my first bill?
        Apart from the monthly subscription fee (which might be prorated for the first month), you’ll see an activation fee of AED 200 (waived off for new customers) and a deposit fee of AED 200 (waived off for new customers).
      2. Can I cancel my plan after I subscribe to it?
        Yes, you can call 155 or visit our stores to cancel your plan at any time. However, if you're on a contract, an early termination fee will apply.
      3. Will I be charged for my landline calls?
        You’ll enjoy free local calls to landline numbers with up to 2,000 minutes per month. Calls above the limit may be charged at standard rates. All calls are charged at a rate depending on the destination being called and the time the call was made. There are three time periods:
        • Peak: Saturday to Thursday, 9 am – 9 pm
        • Low rate: Friday, 9 am - 9 pm
        • Off peak: Saturday to Friday, 9 pm – 9 am

        Type of charge

        Charge per Sec

        Local calls


        National calls

        0.25 fils/sec

        Calls to national lines

        0.5 fils/sec

        International calls

        Charges depend on the destination

      4. Will I be charged if I cancel my subscription to an offer on my Home plan?
        If you opted for an offer on your Home plan and wish to cancel it before the Minimum Term ends, you may be charged an Early Termination fee.
      1. What is the offer for the du Home Starter and Basic plans?
        When you subscribe to the du Home Starter or Basic plan you will receive a 30% discount on the Monthly Recurring Charges for 6 months.
        Please note, the offer is available only if you're a new customer and not if you're an upgraded or migrated customer.

        It is available on all sales channels:
        - du Stores
        - du Express
        - eShop
      2. How long is the du Home Starter or Basic plan offer available?
        This is a limited-time offer.
      3. How will the du Home Starter or Basic plan offer discount apply?
        The offer will be available from your 2nd bill cycle until the 7th bill cycle. You will be charged your original plan’s Monthly Recurring Charges from the 8th bill cycle onwards.
      4. Will I get the Monthly Recurring Charges discount if I upgrade my plan within the first 6 months?
        Yes, you will get a 30% discount for the remaining months. The discount will be applied automatically.
      5. Will I lose the discount if I move from du Home Basic to Starter within 6 months?
        No, you will continue to get the 30% discount for the remaining months of the promotion.
      6. How can I get the Speed Boost offer?
        In celebration of the UAE’s 50th National Day, we’ll increase the broadband speed of your du Home plan, completely free of charge, as a gift from us to you. You don’t need to do anything for the upgrade as it’ll happen automatically for your convenience.
      7. How long is the free upgrade valid for?
        The free upgrade of your du Home broadband speed is a limited time offer. The speed will then go back to what it was originally.
      8. How do I know if I’m eligible for the offer?
        You're eligible for the free upgrade if you have one of the below plans:


        Original speed

        New speed

        Home Starter

        250 Mbps

        Up to 500 Mbps

        Home Basic

        500 Mbps

        800 Mbps

        Home Advanced

        600 Mbps

        1 Gbps

        Home Ultimate

        800 Mbps

        1 Gbps

        To enjoy the faster connection, your WiFi router must support high speed

      1. What is the exclusive online offer on the du Home Plans?
        When you subscribe to selected du Home plans online, you’ll receive 20% off your plan’s monthly recurring charges for 6 months and OSN+ for 1 year on us. Eligible for new customers only.
      2. What plans are eligible for the exclusive online offer?
        You can take advantage of this offer only if you order one of the following plans online for the first time with a 24-month contract:
        - du home Sports
        - du Home Advanced
        - du Home Ultimate
      3. How will the discount be applied?
        The discount will be applied to your plan’s monthly recurring charges, not the overall bill. Any additional charges for other services will be included.
      4. How long is the offer valid?
        The discount will be applied from your second bill forward for a 6-month period.
      5. Can I upgrade my Home Plan and get the offer?
        Yes. You will receive a 20% discount on the remaining months when you upgrade your plan.
      6. What will be my monthly recurring charge after the promotion ends?
        The original monthly recurring charges will be applied after the end of the promotional discount.
      1. What is the Disney+ Offer?
        Disney+ is the streaming home of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic plus general entertainment from Star. With hit movies, new originals and exclusive series, Disney+ offers unmissable entertainment at your fingertips. We are offering the Disney+ service for 12 months on us with select plans.

        Eligible plans include:
        • Home: Customers who subscribe to our Home plans (du Home Starter, du Home Basic, du Home Advanced and du Home Ultimate) will get Disney+ for 12 months on us.
      2. How can I subscribe to the Disney+ Offer?

        Activation Process:

        • Step 1 – Upon activating an eligible plan, click on the URL link to the du App, received via email.
        • Step 2 – Launch the du App and click on three dots to open the menu.
        • Step 3 – Select ‘Streaming Offers’.
        • Step 4 – Follow the steps shared to the confirm activation of the offer.
        • Step 5 – After completing the activation, download the Disney+ app from the App Store or Google Play Store and log in using the activated mobile number to begin enjoying Disney+.
        • Step 6 – Once your 12 months are up, your Disney+ offer will end and won't be automatically renewed. To continue enjoying the streaming platform, you can renew directly with Disney+ for AED 39.99. Please note that provider charges will apply. For more details, please visit

        Note: While registering, the number you use for activation must be unique and it must not have been previously used to register as part of a du offer with a Disney+ subscription.
        The number can be a du number or from any other UAE provider.
      3. How will I know when my Disney+ offer subscription is active?
        After successfully completing the previous steps, launch the Disney+ application on your device and enter your registered mobile number. You will receive an OTP the first time you log in. You will also receive an SMS confirming that the activation has been successful.
      4. What happens to my Disney+ offer account if I change my mobile carrier or plan?
        If you change your carrier or switch to a plan that does not include Disney+, your subscription will be automatically cancelled.
      5. When can I start enjoying my Disney + benefits?
        You can start using the Disney+ service as soon as your eligible du plan is active, and you have activated your Disney+ subscription.
      6. Can I use my Disney+ account outside of the UAE for mobile?
        Yes, you can enjoy your Disney+ account in UAE and the following locations in the region: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco, Egypt, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Palestine, and Lebanon.
        For more information, please visit
      7. If I am an existing du customer, can I upgrade to a plan that has Disney+?
        Yes, if you are upgrading to an eligible plan, you will enjoy the same benefits.
      8. How can I contact Disney+ if I need help?
        Help can be found by visiting and either clicking on the ‘Chat with us’ option to chat with the Disney+ Customer Support, or by clicking on ‘Contact us’ to reach our customer support on call.
      1. What devices are supported and how many concurrent streams can I have with Disney+?
        Disney+ enables you to watch on four devices concurrently per subscription.

        Supported smartphones/tablets:
        • Disney+ supports Android phones with Android OS 4.4.4 or later.
        • Disney+ supports the following Apple mobile devices on iOS11.0 and later: iPhone and iPad

        Smart TVs & Connected Devices
        Apple TV models

        Disney+ supports the following Apple TV devices running on tvOS 10.0 and later:
        • Apple TV HD (4th generation or later)
        • Apple TV 4K

        Android TV models
        Disney+ supports a range of Android TV models and set-top boxes with Android OS 7.0 or later

        LG WebOS Smart TVs
        Disney+ supports LG TV’s with WebOS 4.0 or later; but not on LG TV web browser.

        Samsung Tizen Smart TVs
        Disney+ supports Samsung Smart TV’s (2018 models or newer) that use the Tizen operating system.

        Google Chromecast
        Google Chromecast (Gen 2 and newer with Firmware version 1.43+).
        You can stream video to your Chromecast from the following devices:
        • Supported iPhones and iPads
        • Supported Android mobile devices
        • Supported Google Chrome web browsers

        Amazon Fire TV
        Disney+ supports Fire TV devices running on Fire OS 5.0 and later.

        Gaming Consoles
        Only supported in the UAE & KSA, you can download the Disney+ application on Microsoft Store from your:
        • Xbox One
        • Xbox One S
        • Xbox Series S
        • Xbox Series X

        Computer and browser requirements for Disney+:
        • Chrome 75+ is supported on Windows 7 and later
        • Edge is supported on Windows 10 and later
        • Firefox 75+ is supported on Windows 7 and later

        • Safari 11+ is supported on macOS 10.12 (Sierra) and later
        • Chrome 75+ is supported on macOS 10.10 (Yosemite) and later
        • Firefox 75+ is supported on macOS 10.9 (Mavericks) and later
        * For the highest quality Disney+ experience, we recommend using the latest browser version available.

        Disney+ supports Air-Play across the following devices:
        • Apple TV (4th generation or later) with tvOS 13.0 and higher
        • TVs compatible with AirPlay 2
      2. What do I do if I delete my Disney+ account by mistake (iOS only)?
        If you initiate an account deletion on any iOS account and you want to revert the changes, please reach out directly to the Disney+ support team as per the above methods (FAQ 8) within 7 days of account deletion, and the Disney+ team can help restore your account. After 7 days, this action is not reversible.
      3. Will I get notified when my 12-month complimentary Disney+ subscription is over?
        Yes, you will be notified once your 12-month subscription ends.
      4. What happens after the complimentary 12-month offer period of Disney+?

        Once your promotional offer ends, you can continue with your subscription by paying the monthly or annual subscription price at the time (currently AED 39.99/monthly or AED 354.99 annually) via If not, your subscription will automatically end.
        Alternatively, you can upgrade to an eligible plan and get another 12 months on us.

      5. What if a customer downgrades to an ineligible mobile rate plan after availing the Disney+ offer?
        If you downgrade to an ineligible plan, your Disney+ subscription will be cancelled.
      1. Can existing customers subscribe to the new du home plans?
        Yes, customers can migrate from their current home plans by logging in to My Account, pin the location they live in, select the package and submit the request online.
      2. I’m an existing du Home customer, how can I subscribe to the new plans?
        You can upgrade your existing du Home plan by following the below easy steps:
        • Click on the ‘Log in to upgrade’ button, found at the top of the page.
        • Log in to your account, which has the Home service you want to upgrade.
        • Select the plan and TV packages you want to upgrade to.
        • Confirm your mobile number, which we can contact before the expert visit.
        • Submit your upgrade request.
      1. What happens after I submit my upgrade request?
        We’ll process your request within two business days. You’ll then receive a confirmation SMS with our expert’s appointment details. If we’re not able to fulfil your specific upgrade request, one of our agents will call you back to recommend an alternative option.
      1. What is the Super Tuesday offer?
        • Super Tuesday is introduced to offer you different offers every week when you purchase du Home plans on the eShop.
        • Super Tuesday is exclusively available on the eShop.
        • The offer is available for new activations.
      2. If I miss the recent Super Tuesday offer, can I purchase the same offer next Tuesday?
        No, the offer is only available on that specific date and we will provide different offers every Tuesday.
      3. What plans will be eligible for Super Tuesday?
        The offer is available when you purchase du Home plans including:
        • du Home Starter
        • du Home Basic
        • du Home Advanced
        • du Home Starter Light
        • du Home Basic Light
        • du Home Advanced Light
        • du Home Ultimate Light
        • du Ultimate plan
      1. What’s the Super Tuesday offer available for du Home?
        You will enjoy a free Internet Calling Pack for 12 months.
      2. How does the Internet Calling Pack work?
        Once you activate it, simply download any of the following registered apps:
        o C’ME
        o BOTIM

        You can then make unlimited app-to-app calls or text anyone who downloads the app.
        All devices connected to your home WiFi will have unlimited access to the above apps.
  • Terms and conditions

    The purchase of the du Home Service plans is subject to these Terms and conditions. du reserves the right to amend these Terms and conditions or to withdraw the Offer. du will publish these Terms and conditions, and any revisions to them, on its website (du Website).

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